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Lumina, the nature/mushroom witch. Lumina is a mixed media art doll. The scene displays Lumina with all her favorite mushrooms and herbs. This is her little happy place.
Lumina is made out of wood, stone and cosclay. Her hair is brown wool roving and hat green thick wool felt. Her upper body and bag are made with dyed tea cotton fabrics and ribbons. Her little bag is decorated with dried naturals.

All her little mushrooms are hand sculpted with cosclay.
The scene is also decorated with green and brown moss and dried naturals.

Lumina measures 18" tall with hat on. Her wooden base is 12.5" long by 10.5" wide.
Her mushroom and herb display is 13" tall by 5.5" wide.

All the pieces on the scene are not attached to the base. Please refer to pictures to see how to put it together. I do this so things can travel safe.

This is a collectible piece and is not intended for children.